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Angel Wisdom Circle: A monthly gathering to raise your energy, connect with like-minded peeps and have fun!


Are you ready to


✅ Connect with your Angels

✅ Calm your mind

✅ And feel more productive and happy every single month?


Join Carolyn and the Angels for a magical Angel Wisdom Circle!

When: Held every single month to support you on your path.


What is it like? A combination of energy healing, intuitive guidance and plain ‘ole FUN!


As we head into the last quarter of 2021, it is the perfect time to reset your mind, body and spirit! Become uplifted, inspired and empowered. 

💚 How it works: Each month, we will gather with the Angels on Zoom and focus on a specific life theme to help you:

  •  Feel more connected to yourself and your Spirit.

  •  Treat yourself kinder (no more negative self talk!)

  •  Feel more energized.

  •  Increase your self esteem and confidence. 

  •  Release stuck energy that's holding you back and more!


💚 New to working with Carolyn? Here’s what others have to say!

"Carolyn's kind and gentle nature helped me to feel supported. I am someone who suffers from anxiety and from the first moment I began to work with Carolyn, I not only felt safe but I also looked forward to sessions! "  Tammy, Oregon.

'During COVID, when we began our sessions by Zoom I thought it would feel strange. In the past I had worked with Carolyn in person and I always felt so uplifted after a session. My apprehension soon evaporated as we began and I can see the benefits of working with a compassionate guide.'

Q & A.

Q: Carolyn, if I can’t make that time, can I still benefit/sign up? 

A: Yes! All sessions will be recorded during the guided meditation and sent out to each participant. We will not record the interactive portion of the session to maintain the privacy of the participants. 

Are you ready to say YES to your Spirit and finish out the year strong and clear on where you want to go next? 


Join us!

Upcoming Circles: November 7, November 21 and December 19, 2021. 

At 7:00 p.m. Eastern/4:00 p.m. Pacific.


NOTE: There are two Circles in November designed to support you on your journey. 

💚 Investment: $69/ pay-per-circle, OR pre-pay $199.00 for all three remaining circles for 2021!


ADDITIONAL BONUS: When you pay for in full now for 2021 Angel Wisdom Circle you will receive 10% off of Angel Wisdom Circle 2022 prices.


✅ VIP access to the monthly circle

✅ Angel monthly lesson (PDF) so you can deepen your experience

✅ Complimentary monthly Meditation + recording so you can listen again and again for that energy boost!

✅ Channeled Monthly Affirmations tailored to you to support you with your monthly goals and intentions!

✅ Divine Action-plan for the next 30 days to support you 


When you sign up for access you will receive as an additional bonus ...

BONUS: VIP access to a bonus call November 14 -Loving Yourself Through the Holidays! ($77 value!). Recording sent if you can’t make it live. Note this is available only if you sign up for all 3 monthly sessions.

One time - $69.00.

Does not include bonuses.

Monthly circle (3) - $199.00. 

Includes bonuses.





About Your Facilitator:

Hi! I’m Carolyn. As an Angel Medium, I use divination tools to channel powerful guidance during Angel Card readings as well as during an energetic healing session. I am also a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy™, a Master Teacher in Intuitive Reiki. When with clients, my work feels more like play time than work when I am with the Angelic realm. I am a professionally certified Life, Grief and Wellness Coach and Ho'oponopono Master. It is an honor and a privilege as I love working with clients just like you all around the world.

For the past 40 years I’ve been practiced meditation and enjoy running meditation circles across the U.S. In my spare time, I love journaling, walking in nature, writing, cooking and playing with my two precious Coton pups, Lady and Coco.







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