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Angel Heart Therapy

Angel Heart Therapy (AHT) is a gentle energy healing modality. During a session the Angels work through me to send healing energy to clients. 

ANGEL HEART THERAPY IS ... For a moment imagine the energy in your body is like a beautiful flowing stream. The water is in a constant state of flow. At times there are boulders and rocks. The rocks and boulders represent blocks in our energy systems that occur when we are our of alignment with our true selves. The blocks happen when we get upset, frustrated, disappointed or experience pain. During an Angel Heart Therapy session the blocks are worked on. It is important that the blocks are released so that we can get back to feeling alive and vibrant. 

Energy is all around us. In our bodies we have energy centers called 'chakras.' Energy flows in and out of our chakras. When the energy is stagnant our systems get slowed down. The good news is that old stagnant energies can be released. During an AHT session once the old energy is released the client can begin to feel alive and energized again. 

ANGEL HEART THERAPY is different than Reiki although both are healing modalities. AHT works with the energy of the Angelic realm in a powerful yet gentle way. AHT is an integrated healing modality of IET (Integrated Energy Therapy, Seichem Sikem Reiki, Life coaching and other modalities designed to assist the client. 

AN ANGEL HEART THERAPY SESSION is done with the client fully clothed on a table. The Angelic realm is called in and the session begins. Guidance is given throughout the session and sometimes I am guided to use crystals and other tools in enhancing the session. Clients sometimes feel heat. Clients sometimes feel cool. Clients may even feel tingling. And sometimes clients fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed after a session. A session is safe and the angels only send in the healing that we are ready to experience. Clients often ask "how may sessions will I need because I have been feeling bad for a long time?" What I say to them is that it might take one session or more as it is ultimately up to the client to make that decision.

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