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Carolyn's Angel Story

Have you ever felt like you came from another planet because you felt different from most of your family? I grew up on a farm in the 50's, where blurting things out at the dinner table like, "Fairies and Angels are real, don't you see them?" was just not appreciated! From an early age,  I could see them all around people as I was a highly sensitive child. Although many of my family members were psychic, most of them were too afraid to explore those gifts, and so as an only child, my best friends for quite some time were Angels.           


Until the day my Dad found me on a ladder. You see, I'd tried to do what my friends did by jumping off the bed. So far that hadn't worked so I thought that if I jumped off a ladder, I'd be high enough to fly like my Angel friends. In my young mind, this made a lot of sense! My Dad, being a loving and patient man, gently told me, "Carolyn, you have a gift and I believe what you are seeing, and if you want to talk to the Angels, please share it with me because not everyone is ready to hear about them. Also, no jumping off ladders!" It was then that I learned not everyone was comfortable talking about Angels.


My Dad was my confidant until he passed before I was 8 years old. After his passing, I soon went to live with my Uncle Frank on Long Island through my teen years, and it was then that I began to really rely on my intuition and the Angels messages to move through life as there was no one available who really wanted to hear about it! You see discussing the Angels came with a heavy cost and being excluded as a child was already painful. Over the past 55+ years, my connection with the Angels has been the one constant and when combined with the gift of intuition, healing and helping others move along their path has only gotten stronger. 

It is such an honor to do this work and I am delighted to get to know you  better.


Blessings Carolyn

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