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Coaching with Carolyn

You Refresh your Browser, why not REFRESH your life?

Aren't you ready to get unstuck?

Do you keep hearing “I am not enough?”

Are you ready to create success in your life?

Do you long to live life with more ease?

Are you ready to say “HELL YES!

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coaching with carolyn

"Begin to live in the moment while healing your life."


       Carolyn's life has shown her to understand that until we take responsibility for our actions we cannot begin to heal our wounds. And until we heal our wounds, we will keep attracting situations to us that show us where we need to focus in order to grow and heal. Life is not meant to be a constant struggle. Look if you have been doing the same ole’ thing over and over again hoping for a different result … that is the true definition of nonsense. I’m a strong believer that what is meant for your highest good will be revealed to you. Again, a choice has to be made.

       As a graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), I am proud to be a Certified Professional Life and Wellness Coach.I’ve always sought to empower people to become their best version of themselves. It feels like I’ve been a coach all of my life.  After several certifications in various energy modalities such as Reiki, Grief Recovery and Crystal Healing, I searched for a program to use as an umbrella for all of my gifts and found that Coaching provided me the path to do so effectively. The IPEC model is about taking the  “inside out” approach which transforms clients from the core allowing for sustainable growth and transformation. The program is based on the founder, Bruce Schneider who sought to assist executives to transform themselves and began to find that when one person begins to shift their energy their organization can also benefit.


NO! It is my strong belief that everyone has the wisdom inside of them to know what works. We work together to tap into your own wisdom so that you can begin to make different choices. Yes, I will guide you and you will make your own decisions. I will help educate you. And I will support and encourage you through the process.



Certified coaches have gone through a rigorous training process and spent hundreds of hours honing their skills. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) monitors and oversees the qualification of each school. The ICF certifies each program and only the most well educated individuals who have participated in an approved coaching program are invited to become members.


As a compassionate and kind individual I will push and challenge you to define what you want. You will have Ah ha moments. Moments when you will question your thoughts and beliefs. Look, this is your life. You have some idea of what you want your life to look like and if not, together we can work on that as well as honing a plan that works for you. Once you have committed to our working together, we jump right in there. Remember, time is passing all of us by.


It will depend on what you decide is the best direction for you. For coaching clients we begin with the ELI assessment to assess the level of energy you are showing up at right now. It can also be included in a program. Purchased separately the ELI assessment is $175.00.  The 45 minute debrief that begins the discussion of how best to move forward costs $275.00. For other services see WORK WITH CAROLYN.The monthly fee of $499.00 is for four 50 minute sessions. Emails and texts can be sent in between sessions. I am also available are calls when you have a question, or what to share an Ah Ha! moment.


Usually clients begin to see real consistent results in about three months, or 12 sessions. Now don’t despair if it takes longer and often for some results show sooner. Remember real results take time. You didn’t get to where you are right now overnight. And things can only turn around when you become accountable to do the work.


Yes, you have worked hard to help others. Yes, your focus may have been on your career, your family or other things, NOW it is time for you to invest in yourself. Aren’t you ready to shift out of where you are into something you’ve longed for? Depending on how we decide to work together it can cost anywhere from $125.00 per session to $499.00 per month. Workshops are priced differently. Every quarter I reserve a few spaces for those in need and if a space is open we can discuss an exchange.


Life Coaching and Wellness Training


2012 – 2013. ENERGETIC LEADERSHIP INDEX MASTER PRACTITIONER. Am a Master Practitioner and have the designation of ELI-MP. As an ELI-MP (Energetic Leadership Index) I’ve extensively studied and practiced in the study of assessment of one’s energy in three areas; how we show up under stress, how we show up on a routine day and an average of both. As a Master Practitioner what that means is I have trained extensively to understand, utilize both the theory and practice in order to receive certification. After clients take the assessment and participate in a debrief, clients are better able to understand the results as to how they are showing up in their own lives.


2013 – 2015. PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE COACH. Through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) I received certification in CORE ENERGY PROFESSIONAL COACHING. Coaching provides clients with the conscious choice and understanding that they are indeed responsible for how they show up in their own lives. Feel like I have been always been a coach and sought certification in order to professional delve deeper in the theory and practice of coaching. 


2014 – Present.  The ICF (Institute Coaching Federation) is committed to a high standard of ethical practice and coaching excellence. They provide oversight and acts as the leading advocate in the world of coaching.


2014 – Present. DARING WAY FACILITATOR CANDIDATE. Dr. Brenè Brown has spent the last 13 years as a research scientist at the University of Texas of Houston studying shame, the power of vulnerability, courage and worthiness. Carolyn studied the Daring Way model to integrate in assisting clients to become better able to shift into living, loving and leading in a braver way.


2015 – 2016. CORE ENERGY PROFESSIONAL WELLNESS COACH. As an IPEC Wellness Coach, Carolyn works with clients to further their wellbeing and wellness as well as satisfaction in their lives. As a Wellness Coach the focus with clients is on developing their overall strengths and abilities. Through working together clients are better able to tap into finding the motivation and are given tools to obtain their physical, emotional and health goals.

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