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Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Feng Shui began over 3,500 + years ago in China. We examine the architecture of your home and discuss what is going on. We seek to bring harmony to your environment. We will work together utilizing ages old wisdom to transform your home and environment to feel more peaceful to you. Feng Shui works on areas in your home that are attached to different areas in your life; career, fame, love, wealth/abundance, your ancestors, knowledge, health and other areas. During our initial session we will discuss your environment and what it is you’re seeking.

FENG SHUI charges. – A 90 minute session is $250.00.


Upon payment, you will provide your own interpretation of your home and its layout, as well as what your desire is for each space. Also, you will include the directions of each space using a compass usually found on your phone. We will set a time for a session to discuss what is going on in each area.


During the call, suggested cures will be provided and if you live with loved one’s they are invited to participate. Instructions will be provided on how to clear your home of its energies as well as discuss how shifts in each area can bring more peace and harmony. At the end of the session, an email will be provided to outline the suggestions for your home.

Our lives change when we live in harmony!

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