Grief Recovery

As a Grief Recovery specialist my focus is to others recover from loss and tap into possibilities. Grief happens to each and every one of us. We grieve in many ways; A neighbor moves. You lose your dream job. Your pet dies. A long illness incurs to an ill loved one and you are the caregiver. These are just a few examples. Did you also know that there is a way to get to Good Grief! Remember that grief drains us of our energy and restricts us from happiness and JOY. We begin by working on the meaning of Grief and go onto examine the experience of Grief. What I do know for sure is that we can find healthy ways to handle our losses and begin the journey to recover from the loss. 


The Grief Recovery 8 week program working 1:1 - $400.00.

NOTE - For those who maybe financially challenged please contact me to discuss financial payment options. 

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Angel & Energy Intuitive.

 Psychic Medium.

Integrated Energy Therapy® Maser Instructor (MI).

Reiki Sekhem Seichim Master Teacher.  

LaHoChi 13 Octave & Lemurian Energy Intuitive

Grief Recovery Coach.

Certified Professional Life and Wellness Coach.

Ho'oponopono Coach

             Wedding Officiant            



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