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Planet and Moon


        Connect to yourself through the magic of the Moon Cycles!

Do you know that you want to be connected with something bigger than yourself but aren't sure where to start?

Learning how to connect to the natural cycles of the moon is simple and effective way to ta[ deeper into yourself and sync your intuition.

This will help you make better decisions, feel more confident and more in tune with the gut feelings and nudges you may be experiencing but feel unsure how to decipher!

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you are more sensitive than at other times? Have you ever attempted to start a new project and everything that could go wrong, does? Or does it go way better than you ever could have imagined? Full moons are a powerful time to come together as a planetary dance is taking effect that has a profound effect on each of us. The moon's energy can affect our own vibrational energies, thoughts and emotions. The planetary energies impact us whether we realize it or not. Understanding how to use the energies can assist you with living your life with a whole lot more ease and flow.   
What to Expect:
Meditation allows us to slow down and connect with the Divine. Group meditations go back to ancient times when communities gathered together to lend support to each other while celebrating the energy of the collective. When we gather in community while using the powerful energies of the planets, we can co-create a transformation in our lives. 
During this 75-90 minute interactive event, you will:
          - learn how planetary energies can assist you along the way.
          - clear away obstacles that may be holding you back.
          - bring in greater personal awareness as we begin to create a new vision and release                  what no longer serves us.
          - work with the energy of the Angels, the Ascended Masters and the Divine to bring in                healing for ourselves, our families, our communities and Mother Earth.
          - Get all your questions answered in a live Q + A as well as feel calm and peaceful as                    Carolyn guides everyone in a healing meditation.
                                             NEW DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON. 
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