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There is not a day that goes by when I don't find myself saying "THANK YOU!" Art makes my day go round!!! When a piece catches my eye, I am immediately transported. You see I am someone who cannot draw a straight line without a ruler. For the past four years, most of my art collection has been packed away in storage. So I am grateful for the pieces that do catch my eye!

The Angel depicted on the above plaque can be found on my website under shop. Last year I decided to branch out into my community and offered Angel Card readings at a local fare. The young woman in the stall next to me had a beautiful display of items all of which she had drawn freehand. There were key chains, mugs, tea towels and so much more! We talked and laughed over the four hours we spent that Sunday. We exchanged business cards and at the end of the day, went our separate ways.

That was last February before the world went into shutdown and chaos! With lots of time on my hands, I cleaned up and put the card aside. Last Fall, I found her business card and reached out. This is the fruit of our connection and I love love love that she is such an amazing artist.

Whatever your talent, share it with the world. Our gifts are not meant to be ignored. And if you can bring something to life like the artist above, you are truly one lucky earth Angel!!!


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