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COACHING. Experienced a life changing moment? Feeling lost? 

ENERGY BURST SESSION - Feeling kinda blah all of a sudden? Need a pick me up? A energy burst session is for clients seeking to raise their energy levels.

Special pricing - $44.00.

DISTANCE HEALING. Heard about Reiki and energy work but not sure what it is? Try a session. How about a healing session to relieve stress? Feeling overwhelm? Healing trauma? Grieving a loss? Releasing the pain of old wounds be they physical? Emotional? Mental? Spiritual? Seeking to unlock your hidden talents? Need a quick pick me up? All sessions are integrative and often insights are revealed during the season. Sessions are from 60 - 120 minutes in length. Email for pricing.

ANGEL CARD READING. Seeking guidance? Curious about a new job? A new home? A new relationship? A yearly forecast? Perfect timing? Connecting to the Ancestors? Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes. Email for special pricing. 

FENG SHUI. Want your home to feel welcoming and harmonious? Email for special pricing.

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NEW  30 minute energy boost session - $44.00. 


NOTE: Sessions can be combined.

            Sessions can be 1:1 on phone, Zoom or remotely.



Example - A 90 minute session can be a 30 minute Angel Card reading and a 60 minute energy session.