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WORKING TOGETHER. What are you longing for?  

          - Benefits: Deep healing.

            Pain reduction.

            Healing your body.

            Emotional memory release.

ENERGY BURST SESSION - Feeling kinda blah all of a sudden? Need a pick me up? A energy burst session is for clients seeking to raise their energy levels.

           BRAND NEW - $44.00.



BONUS: Package of 5 sessions - $200.00.


    ** Good for one year from date of purchase.

Avoid the price increase. Purchase now and receive $20.00 off the regular price.

Note: As this is a package there are no refunds.












HANDS ON HEALING. Heard about Reiki and energy work but not sure what it is? Try a session. Hands on healing is about the flow of energy that flows during a session. How about a healing session to relieve stress? Feeling overwhelm? Healing trauma? Grieving a loss? Releasing the pain of old wounds be they physical? Emotional? Mental? Spiritual? Seeking to unlock your hidden talents? Need a quick pick me up? All sessions are an integration of different processes and often insights are revealed during the season. Sessions are from 60 - 90 minutes.


Energetic Sessions can be done by Zoom, 1:1 on the phone or remotely. All remote sessions are done by email sent prior to the session with a questionnaire. The session is done without you on the call. Afterwards, an email is sent with impressions from the session. A 15 minute chat can be requested to discuss the session.

          Session 60 minutes - $188.00.

         Session 75-90 minutes - $222.00.

NEW clients - $250.00. New clients

complete an intake form before the session.



Combo session + Angel card reading.

You receive a 60 minute session and  a 30 minute Angel Card Reading.  A total of 90 minutes - $250.00.      

VIP. This level of service allows you to request a session with 48 hour notice.

NEW! Package of six sessions - $1,000.00 (discounted). Purchase six - 60 minute sessions for a discounted 


Good for two years of purchase. 

Can be shared with others.

NOTE: There are no refunds on packages.






ANGEL CARD READING. Seeking guidance? Curious about a new job? A new home? A new relationship? A yearly forecast? Perfect timing? Connecting to the Ancestors? Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes. Email for special pricing. 

YES!!! You are in the right place. Let's connect today. Hit the pay button. 



                 30 minutes - $ 88.00.  By zoom or phone.                                      




                 60 minutes -$188.00.  By zoom or phone.



     Individual & Couples reading - $222.00. By zoom or phone.

                         60-75 minutes.







Tarot Reading
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Individual & Couples Reading. 60-75 minutes
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