Angel Card Reader


Angel’s surround us every moment of our entire lives. They watch over us whether we believe in them or not. They never judge us and want only the best for us. Whether we know their names or not, all we need to do is call on them for guidance. Did you know that Angel’s exist in all of the major religions and philosophies? Many of them have names that were given to them hundreds of years ago and some of them like Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael are more popular than others.


Some people say they’d rather go directly to the Source and the Angels are not upset by this as they will always honor our free will. Angel’s are messengers sent to us by God (which may be called by other names depending on your belief system or religion). The one thing we can count on is there readiness to come to our side and lovingly listen to our request. Once we call upon them we are asked to release all expectation and thought as to how we would like the situation resolved. There is a Divine plan for each of us that’s attached to the lessons our Soul’s need to grow.


What we don’t know is the plan. We have no idea how the lesson is attached to our growth and may feel let down when the outcome we want does not match with what happens. For example; we may have an ill loved one and we may ask the angels to make them well again, or relieve them of their pain because that is what we want for them. Honestly, who wouldn’t want their loved one to be free of suffering? We might become upset when the outcome goes in a different direction than we had hoped for. It is good to remember that our wishes are heard and the result is for the best and highest good of our Loved one.


As an Angel Medium, I channel messages from the Angelic realm and share the guidance with client. The importance of using Angel cards to receive answers is to give clients another insightful layer for intuitive healing. Often there are answers that elude us and the Angels can give us clarity and insight into the situation. Answer’s can cover any topic from the status of our health, to our love lives or our finances, or the status of our relationships. The Angels message can provide us with reassurance and comfort that we are not alone.

    SESSIONS - 30 minutes $88.00. 60 minutes - $166.00.

          Performed by Zoom, Skype or by phone.


   30 minutes                                                       60 minutes