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Angel Card Reading










                                LIMITED TIME ONLY! 

What is an Angel Card Reading?

An Angel Card reading can provide guidance in all areas of your life. For instance, are you at a crossroads in life and uncertain which way to go?  Ready to change careers? Move to a new location? Have you made a decision and are ready to explore the next steps? Have questions about a relationship?

Angel Card readings are uplifing and enlightening. They encourage you to grow while providing a powerful way to receive insight. 

The Angels are waiting to assist you in all areas of your life. 

Book a session today!  

                 30 minutes - $88.00.




                60 minutes - $177.00.



            75 minute couple reading - $250.00.



  Once payment is made expect an email

   with other information as well as to

   how to book a session.

  Looking forward to our session!

             Blessings Carolyn

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