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Do you ever start off the day feeling upbeat and after awhile you begin to feel drained? 

When you are around certain people, do you sometimes begin to feel agitated? Or, sometimes do you feel tired? Or, does the energy you are feeling, feel foreign?

First, understand that not all energetic connections are bad for us. We may meet new friends and form new relationships. Each of us is a human being and when we are connected to others we are better able to understand and connect with them. What can begin to happen is that as we go about our daily life we gather energetic cords throughout the day. And at some point this can feel overwhelming which can then lead to feeling upset. 

Cord Cutting is done to let go of energies that no longer serve you. By doing so we recover our own energy and this helps to re-establish healthy energetic boundaries. As we do cord cutting we begin to feel lighter as more space is created for us to grow and evolve. Cord cutting is important for past relationships as well as the present ones.

You can also think of it this way ... imagine you are sifting through all the thoughts, conversations and experiences in your life. You might begin to feel weighed down. Overtime, you will begin to feel discomfort which can lead to dis-ease if you do not let go of others energy ties.

Imagine all the people you encounter in a week, whether in person or on social media. Imagine if you could see the cords attached to your energy field. You might begin to look like a spider sprouting new legs. The legs representing the energy of others that is draining you!

That is why it is important for us to take care of our energy so that we can remain healthy and vibrant. Cord Cutting is so important because when practiced we are free of carrying the weight and burdens of others and of the past. We then begin to feel lighter and have a sense of more freedom.  Check out the process above. 

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We are also going to call in a helper, Archangel Michael.

Get comfortable and find a quiet space. Take several deep breaths before you begin to center yourself. In your mind, ask Archangel Michael to come to your side as you need his help. You might say, "Archangel Michael, I call upon you at this time as I need your assistance. I an going to cut energy cords and I while I do, I need you to stand guard. Surround me with you protection. Allow me to borrow your mighty sword so that I can cut the energy cords that are draining me. Help to restore me to my own energetic vibration so that I may feel free again. As I do this I am releasing, letting go and I surrender to what is for my Highest good and Highest healing. Thank you."


NOW ... imagine Archangel Michael standing in front of you. As you hold your hands out imagine his sword being placed in your hands. You are now going to take the sword and begin at the top of your head. And trace your body like the Gingerbread person above. Go down your left (or right) side and slowly pass the sword near your skin. Imagine the cords dropping away. As you near your fingertips, curve the sword and do underneath your body. And continue tracing an outline until you reach the top of your head again. When you get to the top of your head, begin to trace down your back and up your front. When you have completed tracing your body, stand tall and breath. Slowly hand the sword back to Archangel Michael. Always remember to say "Thank you." Notice how you feel as you go about your day.


To assist in further clearing, take a bath or shower and have salt on hand. In my bathroom I have a plastic container of salt. It will not hurt your pipes in fact, it can help to clear the gunk that forms in them over time. Table salt is good as is any salt you choose. For a bath, add about a 1/2 cup of salt to the bath water. You can also add any other soaps too. Allow yourself to relax for at least 15 minutes or more. For showers, after you have washed up take a hand full of soap (AVOID your delicate areas and your face) and gently use the salt as a scrub. Rinse off well. Notice over the next few weeks with regular practice just how much better you are able to sleep. Also notice, how much lighter you begin to feel. Salt used in this way removes all the energetic cords and toxins that you have accumulated from the environment. 

Let me know if you have any questions, or how I can be of further support!

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 ARCHANGEL MICHAEL.                                  GINGER.

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