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Since the mid 1990’s after I came out of being semi-retired I started training and becoming certified in various areas like Feng Shui, Reiki and Life Coaching seeking a holistic approach to aide people in improving their lives, homes and inner selves.  


1994 -1998. FENG SHUI. Carolyn works with clients to promote harmony within their environments. Harmony within and in our environments promotes a positive integration in all areas of one’s life. Studied with various teachers both in California and Pennsylvania and worked on homes through out the world. 


1994 – Present. Physical energy modalities that I participate in studying – Yoga. Mindfulness Meditation. Tai Chi. Qigong. All of these modalities require focus, time and exploration both in theory and application.


1994. MINDFULLNESS MEDITATION. Calming the mind when practiced regularly can shift us into inner peace which shows up in how we embrace our day to day events. Had began the study of Buddhism while in college in 1971 and I began to meditate shortly afterwards. 


1996. MEDIATOR. Carolyn worked as a mediator in several communities where she has lived to assist in a peaceful resolution in civil matters.


2003 – 2013. Spirit spoke loudly. "You are an ENERGY HEALER. Go study!" Well when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Several teachers contributed to honing my gifts.  

2003. – Began the study of energetic modalities; Tarot, Chakras, Crystals, Astrology,

 Shamanism and Angel work.

2005 – 2008. POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY.  Studied with several leaders in Positive Psychology. Curiosity led to the studies of character and core strengths as well as self compassion and continued her study of Mindfulness Meditation with the Insight Meditation community. The philosophy is that Happiness and JOY are integral to our wellbeing.

2008. POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. Completed a program through the University of Pennsylvania with Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD., a Harvard University graduate and professor – who studied and developed a program at Harvard University. Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar founded and is the Chief Learning Officer of the Wholebeing Institute that was ‘developed to help individuals and groups live life to the fullest - spiritually, physically, intellectually, relationally, and emotionally.’

2008. – ‘The Art Of Happiness.’ Studied with and completed a program with Dr. Howard Cutler who co-wrote the book ‘ The Art of Happiness’ with H.H. Dalai Lama.

Working together we define happiness and seek out ways to enhance your life. H.H. Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibet. He believes that the very motion of our life is towards happiness. Happiness is the purpose of our lives.

2008 – 2015. REIKI MASTER – SEICHEM SCHEIM AND INTEGRATED ENERGY THERAPY. Reiki is a energy modality. It was brought to the United States from Japan in 1922. My studies are through the lineage of Ms. Takata in 1937. Using Universal energy of our energetic patterns can be shifted to provide us with more support. Both of these modalities use intuition and the support of the angels in manifesting opportunities of life.


2009. WEDDING OFFICIANT. Carolyn is honored to assist others as they begin a new sacred chapter is a Blessing.


2011. GRIEF RECOVERY SPECIALIST. Certified by the Grief Recovery Institute, with training that focuses on understanding Grief and its impact on over 40 areas of our lives. Training was focused on the meaning of loss and grief in both theory and practice.


Aug 2011. PATIENT ADVOCACY. Studied with and received certification through Cleveland State University. The program consisted of theory and practice in the many areas including healthcare management, bioethics, legal rights including the issues of patients and their families, complaint management, measuring patient satisfaction, crisis intervention, and data management. As my husband’s caregiver for over 10 years, I sought out what could be done to enhance the experience for others.


CRYSTAL HEALER. Crystals are natural gifts from Mother Earth and when used can provide relief, support and can enhance our experience. I’ve studied how to use crystals to assist clients in healing. And I’ve gone further in the study of crystals with certifications under this heading; Healing with Crystals, Healing through Reiki and Crystals.

2012 – 2013. ENERGETIC LEADERSHIP INDEX MASTER PRACTITIONER. Am a Master Practitioner and have the designation of ELI-MP. As an ELI-MP (Energetic Leadership Index) I’ve extensively studied and practiced in the study of assessment of one’s energy in three areas; how we show up under stress, how we show up on a routine day and an average of both. As a Master Practitioner what that means is I have trained extensively to understand, utilize both the theory and practice in order to receive certification. After clients take the assessment and participate in a debrief, clients are better able to understand the results as to how they are showing up in their own lives.

2013 – 2015. PROFESSIONAL EXECUTIVE COACH. Through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) I received certification in CORE ENERGY PROFESSIONAL COACHING. Coaching provides clients with the conscious choice and understanding that they are indeed responsible for how they show up in their own lives. Feel like I have been always been a coach and sought certification in order to professional delve deeper in the theory and practice of coaching. 


2014 – Present.  The ICF (Institute Coaching Federation) is committed to a high standard of ethical practice and coaching excellence. They provide oversight and acts as the leading advocate in the world of coaching.


2014 – Present. DARING WAY FACILITATOR. Dr. Brenè Brown has spent the last 13 years as a research scientist at the University of Texas of Houston studying shame, the power of vulnerability, courage and worthiness. Carolyn studied the Daring Way model to integrate in assisting clients to become better able to shift into living, loving and leading in a braver way.

2014 – 2015. Studied with Deborah King. Energy is all around us. We are energy. How we consciously choose to use our energy has am impact on our lives. Am a certified Angel of Energy and Chakra Wisdom Healer.

During this time was under the tutelage of and/or studied the work of and with several highly recognized New Age leaders including Deborah King, Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust, Jack Kornfield, Elizabeth Lesser,  Jon Kabat-Zinn, Deepak Chopra, Doreen Virtue, Jenifer Shapiro, Maria Kramer and David Gleekl.

2015. - ANGEL CARD READER. Have been in touch with angels since childhood. Was warned at a young age not to discuss them because others were afraid. So before you get all woo woo …. Everyone has angels around them. Even atheists have angels surrounding them you do not have to believe in them and they are still there. When you ask for assistance they will show up and support you. Understand that Angels are not attached to any religious belief system although they are found within their teachings. Doreen Virtue developed a program that uses the energy of the angelic realm to enhance our lives. (checkout an upcoming blog).

2015 – 2016. CORE ENERGY PROFESSIONAL WELLNESS COACH. As an IPEC Wellness Coach, Carolyn works with clients to further their wellbeing and wellness as well as satisfaction in their lives. As a Wellness Coach the focus with clients is on developing their overall strengths and abilities. Through working together clients are better able to tap into finding the motivation and are given tools to obtain their physical, emotional and health goals.

2018-2020 -ENERGY HEALING MODALITIES. Lemurian Healing. LaHoChi. Ancient wisdom energy healing for a modern world.

2020 - HO'OPONOPONO. Learn how to heal your world and bring in more harmony, joy and peace through the practice of Forgiveness. .

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