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 Have you ever wondered what is important to you? How do you desire to show

up in the world?


Everyone talks about living the life of their dreams. What does that look like? What values do you have in place that are in alignment with your dreams? We are better able to be our true selves when we can define our own values. 

First, let's begin with what is a value? Values are defined as being all about one's standards of behavior and/or judgment. Values are all about aligning with our values and beliefs. When we are in alignment, we are better able to begin living our true life! Over time, we have picked up different ways of behavior either from our childhood, our religious beliefs, society and our peers. Many of them do not apply to us. Without our being aware of our own values, it is often difficult to begin feeling like our true selves.

From the list below pick out as many as you like. Now, take that list and pick the top five values. Begin to focus on them. What do they mean to you? You can even go one step further and grab the freebee, The Joy Wheel. Look at the values you attach to each area of your life! NOW, if you are ready to do deeper, apply another value to each area of your life. When you have completed this, now using the values you feel highlight the best of you, use colored pencils and begin to follow the directions for The Wheel of Joy. When you complete the exercise, ask yourself, 'If this wheel were on my car, would I be able to go far?'




                        Success.   Status. Excellence.  Courage.   Curiosity.  Fairness. Faith. Generosity.


                        Compassion.   Integrity.    Fun.     Friendship.  Openness.   Stability.    Peace.


                        Honesty.   Loyalty.     Respect.     Stability.   Service.    Justice.   Hopeful.  Optimism.


While this is a short list of values, it is a good beginning. Add your own to the list. Think about what actions and activities reflect this value? How can you include this value in your every day life? Now that you have some ideas of how to integrate your values into your everyday life, notice when you feel in alignment. Also, notice when you don't feel aligned? And I want to hear from you about 'BEING IN ALIGNMENT WITH MY ASSIGNMENT.' 

Feeling out of sorts? Is there an achy feeling in your gut? Your body is telling you that you are out of alignment with your core values. Need support? Feel free to reach out  and discuss how to release any blockages, trauma's, long held beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you. We can begin your journey towards aligning with your true self! CLICK the link to send an email to begin your journey. 



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