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The Wheel of JOY is a way for you to visualize your life in all areas. First, let's look at why JOY is important. Joy is one of the highest vibrational energies we can experience. Did you know that studies show that people who experience JOY live longer and have healthier lives? They also experience less stress. They have less of a chance of having a heart attack. Studies also show that JOY boosts our immune systems and we feel less pain.

The Wheel of JOY is a simple, yet powerful tool that shows where you need to pay attention in your life. Ask yourself, do you feel excited about life, but you struggle with making real connections? Do you feel you are making the strides in your career that you truly desire? Do you manifest things quickly? Or, do you feel everything is a struggle?

No matter where you are in life there are areas that need improvement. Discover where the gaps exist in your life that need attention so you can begin to live an extraordinary life. When we begin to tap into our Joy, opportunities begin to flow to us with ease.

Once you've completed this exercise, how does your score make you feel? For a moment, imagine that this is a bicycle tire. Would you be able to ride very far? Now the next step is for you to look at your energy levels. In what area do you feel you want to begin and begin to evaluate what action steps you need to begin today. Remember that even one small step is better than none at all. Use this golden opportunity to design a life you truly love.

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THE JOY WHEEL INSTRUCTIONS - Before you begin take a moment . Stop and take a deep breath. Settle into a state of calm. Answer from your current level of satisfaction.

Let's begin!

    - Take a pencil and circle a number in each section. With 10 being the absolute best.

    - Then take a colored pen or marker and connect the numbers. Notice how the line         looks as this represents where you are now.               

    - Look at what area of your life you would like to increase your level of satisfaction.


Remember even a 10 can become 11.

- Begin to think about how you would like to increase satisfaction in that area. What activities would you like to experience?  What action’s are you willing to take?

           - As we examine the wheel, specific challenges can be addressed.

Through the use of the wheel you can begin to take action to move toward a more increased level of satisfaction. As satisfaction levels are increased new skills can be developed that can be used to enhance the rest of your life 

JOY! TEN WAY’s ! - Become aware that everything changes. Think of the seasons. - Be gentle with yourself. - Do something creative. Let your imagination soar. Paint. Write. Take dance lessons. - Spend time in nature. Maybe take a walk in a park. Notice your surroundings. Enjoy a sunrise. Enjoy a sunset. - Practice random acts of kindness. - What are you grateful for? Write it down. Even the little things. - Who are you grateful for? Let them know. - Make one day a month pajama day. Just put all the ‘to do’ lists away for one day each month. Circle it on the calendar. - Change what you can and accept what you cannot. - Watch a comedy. Listen to a comedian. - Take some down time. Just do nothing. - Get in the car and go!!!


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