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Angels have been with you from day one of your life. The Angels are longing to get to work in your life. They will only work with you once you give them permission to do so. Curious? Grab this limited time offer of an Angel Card Reading.  

Looking for the right path in life?  In your career? Seeking answers in your relationships?   What is ahead in 2023?

Answers come from connecting with your ancestors, your guardian angels and the entire Angelic realm. 

You will connect with the Divine and receive answers that are authentic and the answers are given with love and clarity. 

    LIMITED TIME OFFER  for 30 MINUTES --- $88.00.

    1:1 live reading with Carolyn by phone, or Zoom. (Can also do Face time or Skype).



     1:1 live reading with Carolyn by Phone, or Zoom. (Can also do Face time or Skype).


                             30 minutes - $88.00.



                             60 minutes - $188.00




   'Carolyn is an Angel here on Earth. She was instrumental in helping me decide on 

    a job offer. One was the dream job I had been waiting for and meant moving away

    from friends and family. It also was with lower pay. The other job offer was locally

    close to my family and friends with slightly more pay. After a reading with Carolyn, I       was able to negotiate a higher salary with a sign on bonus and they covered all of my         moving expenses.

   This was more than the original package. Carolyn also saw a whole new community

   and new love coming into my life. Within six months I met the love of my life, had 

   a whole new group of friends and my family enjoyed their visits. I have never been

   happier.' Whenever I have any questions, or just need confirmation, Carolyn is my

   'go to' person.'   TJ from Washington

  ' In 2017, I met Carolyn. Immediately I felt her gentle presence and felt a close                     connection that brought so many answers into my life that I had been seeking for a

   long time. Carolyn delivered the messages with gentleness, humor and truth. Carolyn

   gives more than others and clearly cares about all her clients.'  Teresa from Tennessee










Carolyn loves working with her clients and provides more insight into their lives. Carolyn is a trained Angel Card reader, Psychic medium and channels messages from the ancestors and the angelic realm. Carolyn and the Angels have worked together for many years and can bring more guidance and magic to your life!


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