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Angels are spiritual beings. Angels surround us each and every second of every day. The Angels are there whether we believe in them or not. When we are born we were assigned at least one guardian angel. Have you ever wondered what their name is? There is a way you can find out. 

Angels watch over us as well as guide, protect, inspire and respond to our deepest desires. We only have to call them in and give them permission to assist in our lives. They will never do any harm and they only have our best interest at heart. The Angelic realm awaits our permission as they honor our choices and will never interfere with our freewill. 

Each of them have been assigned a job. Even if we do not know their name or the job they are assigned to do, when we invite the Angels into our life they will show up and perform the task to lead us to what is for our highest and best good which is what is necessary for our growth in this lifetime. Angels are available to us 24/7 and will only come when called.

Angels are seen by us as masculine and feminine simply because it is easier for us to logically process them that way. In art, they are shown with wings and often times with halos. Some have robes, harps, and glowing skin and some may have different jewels, tools/objects to assist them with their tasks.  



a powerful tool that provides guidance and can open our hearts in ways we need to grow. During a reading the answers to our deepest desires and questions can be provided.  The cards reveal a story and as we delve deeper we can be shown the blessings in our life as well as the strengths we may have forgotten. When clients come with an open mind and a willingness to grow that answers are found.  It would be my honor if you get in touch today so you can receive the answers your heart desires!


Blessings Carolyn

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Angel & Energy Intuitive.

 Psychic Medium.

Integrated Energy Therapy® Maser Instructor (MI).

Reiki Sekhem Seichim Master Teacher.  

LaHoChi 13 Octave & Lemurian Energy Intuitive

Grief Recovery Coach.

Certified Professional Life and Wellness Coach.

Ho'oponopono Coach

             Wedding Officiant            


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