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Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Reiki is a natural healing technique originated in Japan. As a trained Reiki Master in both Seikem Sechem Reiki and as an Integrating Energy Therapist (IET), I channel energy into the patient to activate the natural healing of the clients body on a physical and emotional basis which promotes ones wellbeing.  IET uses the energy of Reiki, intuition and as an added boost utilizing the energy of the angelic realm. Don’t go all woo woo on me here. Look healing is healing and Reiki can reduce stress, raise relaxation and can promote one’s wellbeing.

Clients are fully dressed on a table and before we begin I get their permission to go deeper by placing hands on different energy points. Clients usually need more than one session especially for deep seated issues.

Sessions can be either in person, or by distance healing.


PRICING – One Hour - $90.00.

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