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GRATITUDE CHALLENGE experience 40 days and 40 nights.




Gratitude 40-day challenge begins April 1, 2018. FREE!!!



WHY is Gratitude important?


Gratitude is a powerful emotion that shifts our attitude about our lives. When we focus on what we have versus what we are lacking, we are able to have an appreciation for life. When we can show appreciation we are coming from a place of strength and kindness. Being kind to ourselves opens the door for us to begin to understand that "I am enough."


Gratitude has many benefits: 
* It makes us feel happier and increases your well being. 
* Our health improves as stress reduces, we have less pain and can sleep easier. 
* Relationships become easier as we become an attraction magnet. 
* We can make decisions easier and be more effective in our workplace. 
* Gratitude is a high-frequency emotion and reduces feelings of lower energies like frustration, envy, sadness, and anger. 
* Gratitude helps us bounce back easier from situations. 
* We feel more optimism and we become more resilient. 
* Able to solve problems easier because we have more energy. 
* Our longevity increases as well as our desire for exploring new things.


We live in a crazy chaotic world. Every one of us is responsible for how they show up and it is vitally important that we focus on our own well being. As each of us begins to appreciate our lives and go about recognizing the small things, we are better able to acknowledge that we do have enough. We may not have all that we want, wish or desire and by showing gratitude we are saying to the Universe "thank you for all that I am, all that I have and all that I will ever be."


Grab pen and paper. You can even gift yourself with a beautiful journal and a favorite pen. Grab your smartphone and set the best time of day to write at least 3 things that you are grateful for. At the top of the paper write ... 'Today I am grateful for' ... and at the end write 'Universe, thank you.'


Then over the next 40 days, you will receive a daily prompt by email each morning. And you will write in your journal a response to that prompt.


Once you sign up for the challenge you will be directed to a private Facebook community of like-minded people that can provide support you through this experience. Here you can feel free to share your daily insights. In the community, we feel less alone and that is something to be grateful for.


Hope you will join in this 40-day journey. Excited to work with you.


Come on join in the fun.




Carolyn is an Intuitive Energy Healer and professional Executive, Life, Health & Wellness and Grief coach. Carolyn has studied with the best and combines life experience with her educational outlook. Carolyn has worked with clients for over 25 years to enhance and bring a harmonious balance to their lives.


Carolyn J. Woodson, CPC, ELI-MP, CRMT 

PHONE - (510)219-0027 

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