Healing with the Angels 

Let’s hang out and together meet the Healing Angels of the Energy Field.

This workshop is a profound day of fun, joy, laughter, love and self healing. Come bask in the Angelic energy and release limitations in this workshop. You will not just learn about the Healing Angels, you will also experience them. It is offered as a full day session, two half day sessions, in person or on Zoom and is a perfect choice for students who love Angels. You will meet and get to know the nine special Healing Angels of the Energy Field: Ariel, Gabriel, Raphael, Celestina, Faith, Cassiel, Daniel. Sarah and Michael.

How it works …

  • We will talk about your Guardian Angel and engage with their energy. You will spend time with Angel and receive their healing energy.

  • We will meet Ariel the Healing Angel of the Soul Star (also known as the 8th chakra) and is also known for Grounding (also known as the 1st chakra).

  • We will meet Raphael the Healing Angel of the first IET cellular memory area which is the area at the top of the head (or the 7th chakra).

  • We will meet Gabriel the Healing Angel of the second IET cellular memory area also known as the Third Eye (or the 6th chakra).

  • We will meet Celestina the Healing Angel of the third and fourth IET cellular memory area that is associated with the throat, lungs and neck (or the 5th chakra).

  • We will meet Faith the Healing Angel of the fifth IET cellular memory area that is associated with the shoulders.

  • We will meet Cassiel the Healing Angel of the IET cellular area that is associated with the Heart (or the 4th chakra).

  • We will meet Daniel the Healing Angel of the seventh IET cellular memory area associated with the liver, gallbladder and spleen.

  • We will meet Sarah the Healing Angel of the eighth IET cellular memory area associated with the stomach and adrenals (or the 3rd chakra).

  • We will meet Michael the Healing Angel of the ninth IET cellular memory area associated with the kidneys and the 2nd chakra.

What this course offers …

  • You will be able to call upon the Healing Angels when you need healing and when working with others.

  • They can support and guide you when using other healing energy modalities such as Reiki, Massage, Therapeutic touch and other techniques. We will discuss using the heart link as a stand alone healing tool.

  • This can add a special layer of spiritual healing to your sessions.

  • As you meet the Healing Angels you will discover their healing gifts that each one brings and this can be used in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing journey.

You will learn the four step process on how to connect with the Angels through the Heartlink process.  

  • No prerequisite required. Come with an open heart and mind.

  • Nine meditative experiences using a special prayer of invitation will be used to connect with the Healing Angels energy.

The Healing with the Angels of the Energy Field is a one day, two half days or 5 day online workshop where we spend time meeting and getting to know the Healing Angels of the Energy Field on Zoom.


                    ENERGETIC EXCHANGE - $111.00


  10/3/20 - The one day course is from 11:00 - 4:30 PT with a 30 minute lunch                             break.


10/10 & 10/11/2020 - The two half days are from 11:00 to 1:30 PT over two                             days.


The schedule for the 5 day series will meet from 5:00-6:30 p.m. PT on September 21, September 28, October 5, October 12, October 19, 2020 as follows: 

        Day 1 - Will include instructions about "how to connect to the Healing Angels                       followed by connecting Angel Ariel.

        Day 2- We meet and connect with Angel Raphael and Gabriel.

        Day 3 - We connect with Angel Celestina and Angel Faith.

        Day 4 we connect with Angel Cassiel and Angel Daniel.

        Day 5 - We connect with Angel Sarah and Angel Michael.



COST - $111.00. NOTE this is a reduced rate.  

You will receive a Healing Angels booklet pdf a few days before the workshop and a certificate upon completion. Please pay at least two days before the workshop so you may receive the pdf workbook. Payment less than 24 hours before the start of class doesn't guarantee a workbook. Payment in advance secures your place in the class.

To SECURE your space, please pay now, click the Buy Now Button to the right of the description. 

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