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The Map of Consciousness is a good blueprint to show the range of values, emotions and attitudes.

Each and everyone of us vibrates at an energetic level. Some of us experience high vibes while others experience low vibes.


At birth, all of are born functioning at a level of consciousness. Over time, as we grow and experience life, our frequency begins to shift based on how we respond to life. Often we have no idea where we are on the scale. We feel we are showing up one way when we are resonating on a different level overall.


Fortunately, as human beings, we have been gifted with unlimited possibilities. By identifying how we are showing up in life brings a new awareness. It is important to note that most people resonate on 3-4 levels according to Dr. David Hawkins, the developer of the Map of Consciousness. Some of our biggest shifts happen when we begin to feel courageous. This is where we begin to distinquish between falsehood and the truth. There may also be some days we may feel like we are functioning in the lower levels of hell when we are dealing with shame, hopelessness and grief. At other times, we may function at a higher level of consciousness, or way of being, such as when we feel happiness, at peace, joy and inspired.

Take a moment and look at the chart above. Think for a moment, how do perform when I feel stressed out? How do I respond when I am impatient? How do I react when I feel judged? And also how do I feel when I am optimist? How do I show up when I feel supported?

Where do you feel you resonate? Is it at a level of hope and inspiration? Or, higher when we are at a place of completeness and joy? Are you curious about how you are resonating in the world? And do you wish to shift to a higher vibration? In other words, are you ready to transcend and begin to function at a higher state of consciousness? 

There is a unique attitudinal assessment that can provide a lot of insight. The assessment is very different than personality testing as you are not labeled as being one personality type versus another. The assessment measures your current level of energy based on how you see the world. Interested in discovering your energetic vibration? For more information on the assessment, hit the button here ..... 

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