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Carolyn J. Woodson

Carolyn is a Angel Medium and Energy Intuitive. Carolyn has taught and worked with clients on how to use their power to manifest their dreams. JOIN in for a transformative and unique experience.

 Angels surround us, protect us and guide us along our life's journey.   Angels want only the very best for us and are eagerly waiting to assist   you. You only have to give them permission to co-create the life you have   imagined. They will never interfere with your freewill and can assist you   with receiving the information needed at this time.

                      Have you wondered what it would be like to meet the Angels?

                           Are you ready to grow and transform your Life?

                      Have you imagined what it would it be like to have your                                                       dreams come true?

Did you know that your desires can be manifested when you have an open mind and an open heart? When you commit to experience a Journey with the Angels answers can be found. For a moment, set aside your daily cares and imagine yourself able to take action in your life without any effort. Imagine that you feel free to make choices you once only dreamed of? Are you ready to transform your life? If so, imagine you feel a level of confidence that has escaped you in the past. 

The Journey with the Angels is an integration of ancient healing traditions. Traditions that have been practiced in many communities over many lifetimes. During the Journey with the Angels meditation the mind, body and Spirit are brought into alignment under the loving watchful eyes and energy of the Angels.    


During a Journey with the Angels a transformative experience happens as you spend time with the Angelic realm. Each session begins with you setting an intention. By setting an intention you are stating your heart's desire while remaining open to new information meant only for you. As we begin the guided meditation, you are in a resting position before the meditation begins and you are gently led on a sacred journey. There are different journeys and are guided by the Angels. The journey may begin with the beating of a drum to bring you in alignment with your heartbeat. A journey may begin with music or in silence. Others mightt begin with deep breathing. Throughout the session I will be a channel between you and the Angelic realm. During the 60-90 minute session you can reconnect with your Higher self, your spirit guides, ancestors and your guardian angels. The experience can bring healing to past traumas that once released have the capacity to awaken personal growth. In this relaxed state you are better able to connect with and uncover your deepest dreams. While in a meditative state you can set aside day to day concerns as your energetic body experiences messages that are unique to you.

There are several types of Journey's that are available such as ...

     - the Angelic Gateway where you meet the Angels who are assisting you.

       You are shown how to use their Power. 

     - the Keys to Wisdom opens the doors to your Divine Purpose.

     - while at the Portal of Harmony you can discover triggers from your                past lives that can be released to bring in more awareness.  

Other Journey's are revealed by the Angelic realm at the beginning of the session. 

All sessions are done on a 1:1 basis as each journey is unique to you and your life experience. Afterwards, you are encouraged to write down any insights that are revealed. A recording of the session is provided and you are encouraged to listen as often as you like. 


Sign up now - $222.00.  (Special price).






Sessions are recorded and you are encouraged to download upon receipt.      

    Understand that due to technological glitches that can occur no sessions will be re-recorded.  

 ** Once a session is scheduled and payment received you will receive further instructions.

  Clients have said ...

'Carolyn is so warm and compassionate and my experience was filled with so many new insights. Since my session I have listened to the recording over again and found myself amazed with the clarity I received.' S.T. Georgia.


'At first I was skeptical and a little anxious. As Carolyn guided me through the experience I found myself filled with a warm love I have never felt before. Carolyn is truly an Earth Angel!' M.A. Florida.

'Oh my goodness!! I gained such insight. I loved meeting the Angels. Afterwards I gained a deeper perspective of my world. 

I am so grateful to Carolyn for all her patience and compassion during the session. ' J.A. Missouri

'I've worked with Carolyn for over 5 years. I went from self doubt and felt I had no value. At that time, my world seemed so sad and I worked at a job I did not like. Carolyn assisted me on my path and I am now enjoying a life of luxury. I have a job I love. I have a home I enjoy and I travel all over the world, often working from beautiful and exotic places. I am so grateful for Carolyn.' E.S. Madrid Spain


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