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Life happened! Blindsided? Frustrated? Lost your zest for life? Let's REFRESH!
Ready to gain clarity around old mindsets and renew your life?
Join me for a FREE 5 day exploration to Refresh your Reality.
Let’s have a little fun and gain a lot of insight on where you need to Refresh!
EXPECT THIS. Daily emails and videos. Access to the Refresh Nation a private supportive Facebook community. 

Monday March 6 - Friday March 10

DAY 1. Refresh!  An exercise designed to highlight areas in need of Refreshing.

DAY 2. Explore your core values.

DAY 3. Discover what drives you & what gets in the way.

DAY 4. What can be Refreshed?

DAY 5. Explore your Refreshing new vision and approach for life.

Carolyn J. Woodson is a Professional Certified Executive, Health & Wellness and Grief Coach as well as a Third generation Energy Healer. Carolyn has been focused on the growth of others for over 25+ years. Carolyn designed the REFRESH! program to guide others to a gradual release into emotional freedom. 

Included are daily emails with refreshing videos

I am always available at

Great News!  All of is done from anywhere on the internet.

Sign-up now at to start Refreshing your Reality

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