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You wake up and as you slowly open your eyes, instead of jumping out of bed and eagerly tearing the sheets off your body to start the day and get to that to-do list, you just...lie there.

And sigh.

Maybe you feel more exhausted than you did climbing into bed the night before.

How did I get here? You begin thinking to yourself.

Where did my life go?

I’m ready for the reset button, if only I knew where it was!

Great news!

You’re in the right place.

Join Carolyn's 90 day program to Refresh your life. 

Build a life you wont need a vacation from. 

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Same Behavior
Same Mindset 
Same Year 
Refresh your Mind
Refresh your Year
“....woke up feeling renewed for the first time”

My name is Carolyn J. Woodson and I work with highly-motivated, sensitive and caring women who are great at taking care of everyone else and who have been blindsided by an unexpected loss in their lives.


You may be an empty-nester, recently widowed or retired.


The problem is that when there’s no one to take care of, you have no idea what your Purpose is. If you aren’t being everything to everybody (your kids, your spouse, your work), who are you anyway?


  • You may wake up feeling restless, lost,...or just depressed.

  • You may come back from running an errand and collapse in a heap of uncontrollable tears on your couch, an experience that’s happening so often it’s embarrassing

  • There’s a hole inside you that you don’t know how to fill...and it feels easier to overeat, clean, or shop mindlessly than have to answer the scary question: What now? Is this all there is?


Imagine going from not wanting to get out of bed to feeling so happy, alive and energized about your life again.


  • Picture yourself waking up in the morning with a smile on your face, saying, “Today is going to be a great day!”


And actually believing it.


  • Or feeling completely calm and in control when you walk down the street and something reminds you of the past, instead of bursting into tears.


  • Or finally having the energy to get out of the house again and finally begin that hobby or new job you keep saying you’re going to start.

That’s exactly what the group program, “Refresh!”: From Loss to Living with Joy in 90 days is designed to help you with!


Each week kicks off with a specific downloadable lesson and we will hop on a live 75-minute group coaching call to explore it, learn exercises to help you stay on track and we will end each session with laser coaching to get all your burning questions answered.


Between calls, you will not be left hanging! You can share any questions or insights that have come up and connect with everyone in a private Facebook group so that you aren’t reverting back to your old ways (we want to keep you moving forward!).

What’s Included in the 12-weeks:

  • Identify your core values so that you know which ideas and actions will move you in the direction of your dream life...and which ones aren’t worth your time or energy!

  • Assess your current energy and stressors so you can measure your progress from the beginning to the end of the program (measurable results!).

  • Create your unique action plan for getting unstuck and stop spinning your wheels.

  • Identify what what’s truly getting in your way from having what you want. You can’t change what you don’t know is there, right?

  • Learn new tools and practices to help you feel safe and confident to put yourself out there again and do what you keep talking about (writing that book, starting to date, starting that side hobby or business).

  • Reframe the loss you’ve experienced and start recovering, so you can have more energy for the things you love.

  • Learn tools in your back pocket for navigating change, so when it comes, like it always does, you are prepared and confident!

  • Define your happy and find out what feels joyful.

  • Learn how to make new choices that support your new dream life and get to finally living on Purpose again!

You can have all this and more and the best part?


You won’t be going at it alone.


You will be taking the journey with an intimate group of women just like you!


Space is limited, so if you are feeling the nudge, this is your sign to join us now.

What are you waiting for?

PLUS once you sign up, you will receive the following BONUS GIFT:


  • 1:1 fifty-minute coaching session for use at anytime to help dive deep into any of the areas that we’ve explored during the program. ($250 value) If you find after you use this session that you would like additional 1:1 support, you may schedule those at a reduced rate of $200 per session.


My Unique Approach:

Q: What makes Refresh! and coaching with me different?


There are many coaching programs out there that promise to change your life and focus primarily on you taking action towards a particular goal. The popular approach is one of a drill master telling you to march on, to tell you that you’re getting stuck in the past and not really addressing the core issue. I call this “TV coaching.” 

There are also many programs that market themselves as coaching programs but that are really closer to traditional therapy, focusing most of the time on the emotions from the past and helping you understand and analyze that.


Both have their place and value.


However, Refresh! is neither of those.


What makes Refresh! unique is that it deals with the inner and outer you.


I blend the practical with the spiritual. The mental with the emotional.


I will stand beside you to cheer you on and I will push you when you want to give up, but never from a space of force, but one of love and compassion. I will create a sacred space during your experience to let your hair down, connect with yourself and get to the truth. Your truth. That is the place where lasting change occurs and that’s what I want for you.


We will plow through and mine out your core values, your dreams and your lost expectations.


We will look at ways you have felt ashamed, vulnerable and times when you longed for courage so that you can let go of what’s keeping you stuck and finally feel free to live a happy life on your own terms!

Ready to Refresh! and learn more? Click below to pay the full $2,500 now.

Or click above to pay in 3 payments. The first $850 is due now.

REFRESH! runs 12 weeks. This is a weekly online recorded webinar

where you will receive weekly downloadable packets as well as weekly

virtual meeting times. The early bird price is $2,500.00. Expect the

price to increase after the introductory period to $3,500.00. The

program will begin January 18. Missed a class? Recording's are available

until April 1. .



About Your Facilitator: Carolyn J. Woodson

With over 30 years of working in both western and eastern healing

studies as well as spiritual development and my own life experience,

I have helped many women just like you to go from feeling lost and feeling happy, joyful and excited about their lives.


Some of my credentials include:

  • Certified Executive and Core Energy Coach (International Coach Federation)

  • Certified Grief Recovery Specialist (The Grief Recovery Institute) with training that focuses on understanding Grief and its impact on over 40 areas of our lives.

  • Healer: certified Reiki Master, certified Angel of Energy and Chakra Wisdom Healer, Crystal Healer and Integrated Energy Therapist

  • And more. For a complete list, please click here.


Success Stories


*NOTE: To respect confidentiality, I only share clients initials with permission.


“(I’m) living a life with a zest I haven’t had since my twenties’!” L.H, England/UK


“Today I am a published author and am working a job that I love!”- H.K, Maryland


Ready to Refresh! and learn more? Click above to pay.

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Live a life you love!


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