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           'Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom.'

                                                                                         James Allen




Have you longed for a sacred place to gather to share energy with other like-minded people on the spiritual path and reconnect to your Spirit. 

Meditation is an ancient sacred tool that one can use for a lifetime. It's no secret that meditation has many benefits:

               - improved sleep.                        - lowers stress.                                     - helps with emotional wellbeing.

               - more mental acuity.                 - helps to increase self awareness.  - helps with depression.

               - increased creativity.                - increase in tolerance.                       - helps with heart disease.

               - focusing on the present.         - increase in patience.                        - helps with lowering high blood pressure.

               - lowered anxiety.                       - helps reduce negative emotions.  - helps with tension headaches.          

               - increased calmness.                - gaining new perspectives.              - eases insomnia.

                                                                     AND, helps in many other areas.

Are you the type that can sit alone day after day? If you are not the type to sit quietly alone day after day, it can feel overwhelming.

And with everything that's gone on in our world over the past year, you may feel tired of being isolated.

Am I right?

Imagine gathering in a group of like-minded individuals, with a set time and place to focus your energy, and experiencing an energizing meditation journey while learning tools that support you in very specific areas of your life?

It can feel easier to make changes.

Easier to feel supported.

And way more fun!

Which is exactly why I invite you to join me for:

Sacred Moments:A Monthly Meditation Series to get Centered, Clear and Connected!

As we head into the last quarter of 2021, it is the perfect time for a re-set of mind, body and spirit!

How it works:

Each month, we will gather on Zoom and focus on a specific life theme to help you:

             - Feel more connected to yourself and your Spirit.

             - Treat yourself kinder (no more negative self talk)?

             - Feel more energized.

             - Increase your elf esteem and confidence. 

             - Release stuck energy that's holding you back and more!



           "Carolyn's kind and gentle nature helped me to feel supported. I am someone who suffers from anxiety and

            working with a new person can often be overwhelming for me. Sometimes I have been so overwhelmed that I

            I did not participate because I was scared. From the first moment I began to work 

            with Carolyn, I not only felt safe but I also looked forward to our sessions. "  Tammy, Oregon.

MONTHLY SESSIONS will feature a teaching on a featured theme, a 30-40 minute guided meditation to open up your energy and we will always have open Q & A time for you to share insights with myself and the group. You will have time to ask your questions and receive guidance. 

             The monthly themes for our series are ... :


                        SEPTEMBER - Gratitude, Harmony and Joy!


                        OCTOBER - Compassion and Kindness.   

                        NOVEMBER - The importance of practicing Self Care.

                        DECEMBER - New Year Visioning.

DATES OF EACH SESSION: September 19, October 17, November 21 and December 12 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern/ 4:00 p.m.Pacific.

                      BONUS - November 7, 2021 there will be a special session 'Loving yourself during the Holidays.'

All sessions will be recorded during the guided meditation and sent out to each participant. We will not record the interactive portion of the session to maintain the privacy of the participants. 

                      BONUS: Personalized Affirmations every Month to Align with your Unique Path.

You are unique and as a thank you for investing in yourself, I'm happy to be sharing individual, personalized affirmations after each month's gathering that you can use to harmonize and integrate the energy of that month into your journey. Affirmations serve to support and enhance our journey. When practiced can assist us in making positive changes. They will be emailed to you after each session.


               'During COVID, when we began our sessions by Zoom I thought it would feel strange. In the past I had worked with

               Carolyn in person and I always felt so uplifted after a session. My apprehension soon evaporated as we began and I 

               can see the benefits of working with a compassionate guide.'

Are you ready to say YES to your Spirit and finish out the year strong and clear on where you want to go next? SIGN UP today!

REGISTRATION is now open. 

         The cost of the quarterly series is $250.00. Sign up early to take advantage of the reduced discount of $199.00. This offer is           good until August 22, there is a reduced rate of $199.00. On September 1, the price will be $250.00. 


        When you take advantage of the early discount, you will receive a bonus pdf of affirmations you can begin to use

        prior to the start of the course.



                                 Energetic Exchange - $199.00.  GO here to register 



This includes:

                              - access to each of the four monthly sessions with a pdf of the topic as well as a  recording.

                              - monthly affirmations meant just for you.

                              - an additional bonus class in November 'Loving yourself during the Holidays.'







About your facilitator:

Carolyn is a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy™, a Master Teacher in Intuitive Reiki and loves playing with the                Angelic realm. Carolyn is a professionally certified Life, Grief and Wellness Coach. She is a Ho'oponopono Master and works with clients around the world. Carolyn has been practicing meditation for over 40 years and has run meditation circles across the U.S..

In her spare time, Carolyn can be found enjoying her hobbies which include journalling, walking in nature, writing, cooking and playing with her two precious pups, Lady and Coco.

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