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20/20 VISION IN 2021!!

FALL 2019.

Third times a charm!!! Back in California with its vibrant energy and raw beauty. After driving cross country for ten days and staying in hotels for over three weeks, I was excited to have found a place to lay my head. Sheltered between the mountains and the ocean. A place where the sky is blue and cloudless most of the time despite whatever else is going on in the world. A place that time forgot. This is where the Universe planted me. A place to began healing my mind, heart and soul.

Shortly upon moving in, I noticed the sight in my left eye was different in a way that I had never known. Alphabets were becoming jumbled. The letter 'n' looked like an 'm'. And with each day a new challenge began to unfold. At first, there was a slight shift. Having always had 20/20 vision, I found myself frustrated and I'd spend time testing my vision by covering one eye then the other. My left eye was showing signs daily of my vision changing. Then one day, I developed the a sharp headache that no amount of Tylenol, rest and dark rooms could remedy. After visiting the emergency room, I was referred to an ophthalmologist whose office stated I could be seen in six weeks. Concern grew as I noticed with each day, my sight was changing and I felt that if I waited six weeks, I could not even begin to imagine what would happen.

After a few more calls, I noticed frustration began to build. My usual calm demeanor was evaporating as I was told no one had any immediate availability. After the fifth call, I stopped and grew quiet. Placing my hand to my heart I began calling upon my spiritual team, the Angels. At first, I felt so calm then a slight breeze. A breeze that signaled a presence was surrounding me. It was then that I asked for Divine intervention and for guidance to the right care team. Immediately, a warm caring presence along with the emerald color of Archangel Raphael. It was then that I heard, "look for an optician. They'll take the same pictures and can tell you what is happening." Curious, as I had no idea where to begin, I asked for the name of the person or town. At first, I heard laughter. With growing frustration I asked again. Immediately, I heard, "the town you used to visit years ago. A place you found peaceful."

Thank goodness for Yelp! The first name on the list had an availability the next day in the town our family had enjoyed years ago. Off I went filled with a mixture of hope and concern. You see overnight, my sight had begun to allow in less light even though the headache I'd had for a few days had tapered off. Hopeful and optimistic that the Universe had my back, I began a journey that would transform me in many ways.

For the rest of 2019, on into 2020, my vision went from 20/70 to 20/45. With each monthly procedure, there was only slight improvement in my sight. At some point I began to wonder would I ever have 20/20 vision again. My spiritual team kept telling me, " it's all going to work out." (stay tuned for part 2).


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