20/20 vision in 2021! (part 2).

In the case of my vision, it was not easy to understand what was happening. As I began to investigate I began to get real clear that I was not seeing something clearly and because it is on my left side, that means it is all about female energy. As I made the difficult choice to accept what was showing up, I asked the Angels to show me where I needed guidance. I asked to be shown, what I needed to do differently and what I needed to let go of. And yes, clarity arrived. Not always in a comfortable way. Not always with bows and ribbons. Actually it was painful and very sobering: Relationships changed. Harsh revelations unfolded. And those I once thought I could rely on, became ghosts.

As 2020 began to show signs of being a very different year, I began to feel that I was being offered a golden opportunity to go within. So I began to ask myself a few questions, "what is it I need to do differently? What is it I am not seeing correctly? What do I need to see clearer?" And with all of the questions flooding in I was reminded that 'the eyes are the mirror to the soul.' It was then that I began to become aware of and began to work on the emotional, mental and spiritual blocks. As I did my own Inner work, I began to notice my vision improved. I also noticed that when I was triggered, my eyes would begin to blur. When I worked on the triggers, I found my eyesight improved. And after seven long months, my vision became 20/20 again. With great relief, I began to celebrate only to have another situation arise where my triggers showed up and my vision reverted to 20/45. So I began gathering all my knowledge, the Angels, my spiritual teams, my healing abilities and courage to focus solely to my vision. My phone was set with new alarms so I could stop and do what was needed to bring in more healing energy. Over a few months, I began to notice that when I focused on my vision and my overall well being that I began to heal in other ways.

YES!!!! December 2020 ended with my vision at 20/20!!!! With Angelic support, focus, courage and willpower that I can co-create my reality.

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