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Over the years I’ve heard people shy away from what is called ‘WOO WOO.’ People who were into ‘woo woo’ things were considered emotional, weird and often shunned. They were considered irrational, unconventional, or were thought of as misdirected lost souls.

What I find interesting is that what was ‘woo woo’ when it becomes the next best thing that is the time that people jump on board. It’s almost as if they are not brave enough to explore on their own. Did you know that there was a time when yoga, eating well, homeopathic, essential oils and Pilates were considered woo woo. It was silently whispered about in communities so that no one was labeled weird or eccentric. People who ventured into new restaurants or began yoga lessons began to shout the benefits, then others wanted to get on board. It was only then that all of a sudden ‘woo woo’ went out the window. And the benefits began to outweigh the label of weird!

So I began to wonder, why are some of us brave enough to try the unknown? And, why are some of us, afraid? Is it about being a leader? Or, remaining a follower? And if leadership is what’s required, how is being a leader considered irrational as Leadership by its own root word of “leader” is all about showing up!

In my own life being considered ‘woo woo’ always intrigued me. Being different meant I got to try something others didn’t know about. And it lead me to trying new things. Things that others thought were out of the box different. As a coach I often use non-traditional healing methods to work with clients. I’ve seen the benefits of Reiki. I’ve seen how crystals can help in healing pain. Why did I integrate healing modalities into my coaching practice? Because I have seen the benefits and I want my clients to become the architects of their lives. I want them to be inspired enough to want to shift out of being stuck. I want them to truly step outside of the box and begin to imagine fulfilling their dreams. Becoming the architect of their lives has lead many of them to living a more engaged life.

And if you are afraid of being labeled weird, irrational or emotional because you are expressing your interest just remember that our feelings exist to get our attention. Doesn’t it mean you are living your life with heart? Let me explore this a little more with you, are you afraid to try something that just might help you live a better life? Get curious! Curiosity opens us up to being vulnerable. Because when we are curious enough to try something new we show up with courage. And we begin aligning with our true selves.

When you begin to try something new let’s look at it through the lens of curiosity. You just never know where a new thought, a new cuisine or a new workshop can lead you. You just never know whom you might meet. You might discover a new culture, a new form of communicating, a new friend, or a new hobby. And in the process you can begin to live authentically as YOU.

So the next time you consider something ‘woo woo’ stop for a minute and investigate on your own what the benefits might mean for you. Before checking in with your friends, do some research? When you are living your life authentically as who you are, you don’t need to check in with the friend committee for feedback. You are not living your life for them. You are living this one beautiful life as YOU! And if the benefits out weigh the ‘woo woo’ label, give it a try.

Remember that there is no one else like YOU. You are like a snowflake and we all know that no two are alike. And I say, ‘what is wrong with that?’ Here’s a challenge - every month try something new and share it on your Facebook page. You just never know who you might inspire. REMEMBER … Be WOO you are! Embrace the ‘woo woo.’ Live your life as if you love it!

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