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WOW!!! Here we are once again in the season of 'out with the old and in with the new!' AND I am so grateful and thankful that ALL of us made it! Each of you are truly a Blessing to me!!

2022 is upon us!!! Before we rush out of 2021, it is a great time to reflect upon 2021. What a year! For me, it has been a year where the winds of change have blown through rapidly. Yes, I know ... change is is not always a word that is easy to embrace. Yet, change is inevitable. It is a constant in our lives.

When I was younger the word 'change' often scared me. You see my childhood had been an adventure rooted in change. My parents divorced when I was 3 years old and my Dad took custody of me. The Angels made themselves known when I was four. Then my Dad, my best friend. My buddy died when I was 7 years old. Probably was scary for others as I predicted his death a few weeks before it happened. Yes, it was a time when change was frightening. Life was terribly uncertain. At ten, I would go "on vacation" where there was a plan in place for me to live in a small town. A place far different than the farm I was used to. On the farm I had the animals as my friends and my classmates at school. Every week we attended temple. Because of this unplanned "vacation" I was not able to say goodbye to my friends or grab a dolly or two. This time I found myself in yet another situation filled with strangers and a whole lot of newness. This was certainly change. By then, change had become like an old prickly wool sweater. You need its warmth to ward off the cold, but it feels really uncomfortable.

As I grew older I began to first wonder, then to understand that change was something that if I choose to embrace it would have many lessons. As well as blessings. At times, it felt like life was simply bending to its will. To fit a prearranged path. Years later I understood that ... Life and all its many facets have many benefits. Many lessons. Many opportunities. And a whole lot of blessings.

SO ... I ask you this simple question: What changes have you embraced in 2021? Are they changes that could impact you in 2022 (and perhaps beyond)? Do they feel comfortable? Do they feel like the old prickly wool sweater? And if you are not certain, do you have friends in high places who can support, guide and inspire you? Well I do!! In fact I've got a team just waiting.

Check out the FREE upcoming challenge happening soon. It is designed to guide you to an awesome team of friends in high places. So hurry and sign up by sending an email to, or visit my website at today!

And while you are on the website, take your curiosity on a stroll as you check out the upcoming workshops: The Blessing Bowl where an Angelic alignment is given to each bowl. This is like having your own magical sacred vessel, a physical vision board, handy and ready to support you creating your life. You will learn how to energize your vision. You will learn how to become more intentional. Also, you can meet and learn all about the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field. Each Angel is gifted with an area of your body and you will learn how to align with them. The Angels can release guilt, distrust, shame, threat, heartache, loss, resentment, anger, fear and stress, as well as long term traumas and limiting beliefs. As you work with them you begin to feel love, peace, harmony, joy, and the innocence you once had. Get to know them and their energy so that you can begin to use them in your own life. WHY? Because you deserve to live a life filled with Love and Joy. AND, before you roll your eyes, it is possible. There is nothing that the Angels cannot do!!! Come on, give it a try. Change is going to happen. Why not, be part of the change you wish to see!!!

Let's make 2022 the most awesome year ever!


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