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Manifesting your Dreams

OMG!!!! What happened to 2021!

Last year at this time after the unusual year of 2020, a lot of us were eagerly awaiting 2021. 2021 did not disappoint! Lot's of changes, shifts and new insights. And before we know it ... 2022 will be here in less than ten weeks.

Good news!!! For the past few weeks, I have been working on a new website. It still has a lot of content and I'm hoping you'll find it easy to get around. While you are there don't forget to check out the free bees. They are cool exercises that you can print out that can bring insight and more information to where you are on your path. Take a few minutes and explore the site. There are new workshops waiting for you.

With all that is going on in the world, let me ask ..... Aren't you ready to be uplifted? Inspired? Are you ready to take life changing action? And you can do it all from the comfort of your home.

WELL ... check out the new offerings I've been working on behind the scenes. Pick one. Or, all of them. They are designed to bring you. into alignment with your dreams and desires. Check them out!

There's ....

- Angel Wisdom Circles forming to help promote insight and clarity.

- Are you ready for the holidays ahead? If not, sign up for 'Loving Yourself through the holidays.'

- Blessing Bowls are an ancient sacred vessel for holding your dreams. One you interact directly. Learn how to work with the Angelic realm in bringing your dreams to life.

- Looking for a deeper connection to the Angels? Curious, as to how you connecting with the Angelic realm is within your power? Let's go! Healing with the Angels introduces you to a four step process of connecting with the Angels. Learn how to recognize their energy and how to

connect with them.

There are also ways we can work together to boost your energy through a 30 minute energy boost. You can release long held traumas and clear away fear, disappointment, resentments and long held trauma through Healing Sessions. Seeking clarity? Angel Card readings are available. Check out the bonus packages that are available so you can engage in sessions for a fraction of their costs.

Looking for a special gift? Gift someone a workshop. An energy session. Maybe an Angel Card Reading!!!

Gift cards are available.

Let's get ourselves in the best position possible so we can begin 2022 refreshed! Refined. And ready to claim and receive all the Blessings the Angels have in store for each of us!!!

Excitement is in the air and you can feel the magic that is possible. The Angels are waiting to work with you!! What do you say? Sign up today and lets have some fun!!!

GO to my website - and check out the new format!

Want to stay in touch more often? Go to Instagram and head on over to You Tube.

To keep it simple, on Instagram - @Wisdomfromtheangels and on You Tube - Wisdom from the Angels.

Also, any questions, requests or concerns, feel free to email me -

Excited and looking forward to working with you soon!!!

Blessings Carolyn


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