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Almost a year ago, I heard someone say, "I have found a way to get rid of her and her witchy ways." What amazed me more than the statement is that this was someone who I loved. Someone I embraced. Someone who was welcomed into our family. Witchy ways!

As I drove home that day I wondered, 'what are witchy ways? And why were 'my witchy ways' so intimidating that I needed to be cast aside?' Cast aside as if I had no value or relevance. Cast aside as if I were an option. With each mile the list of time honored self care traditions and practices grew in my mind. At one point, I began to chuckle as I wondered about all the various practices and lineages I've drawn from over time. I'd reflected back to sending energy to them when they were frightened of going through labor. Laughter began to happen more frequently as in my minds eye up popped visions of my travel altar where I carry statues of Buddha, Laksmi and Ganesh along with crystals and other items. A vision of my home filled my mind as it is filled with crystals and Angels, how was this viewed? Was the use of salt, candles, incense and sage to clear my space, no matter where it is, part of this conversation? Or, when I am out walking and where I connect with the natural world, is that seen as witchy? Or, was it my choice to meditate before engaging with world? I wondered, was it the powerful motivation I've always had to live a life that is empowered? Especially a life that nourishes my Soul.

Then as I pulled into my parking space, I laughed out loud. No longer did I wonder. Out loud I did shout ..."YES! I love all my witchy ways!!! Each and every one of them. Especially when it sets me apart from the crowd. Especially when my Soul is at peace. My being calm. And when my gifts are used in supporting others along their way. Thank you Universe for every witchy way I have been graced with. Thank you!!!


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