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Through the Power of Forgiveness we are better able to heal.

Are you ready to release the old and start 2021 feeling lighter?

Did you know that with freedom comes greater financial opportunities?

Do you desire more Joy, happiness and peace?

Are you ready to begin your own healing and begin again?

So often, it can feel impossible to let go of the past.

Maybe someone hurt you. Or, you hurt someone.

Or, a situation didn't turn out as expected.

Or, you betrayed yourself.

Are you holding onto resentment?

It's easy to think: It's never going to get better. I guess I have to

carry this burden around with me forever. It's too late for me                        NOTE DATE CHANGES BELOW.

to change.

Guess what? It's never too late!

Did you know that there is an ancient Hawaiian healing process called Ho'oponopono that can help you heal NOW?

What is it?

The 'F' word is Forgiveness. For many of us, forgiveness does not come easy. As children we were not taught how to forgive. Forgiveness is not about approving what happened. Forgiveness is more than a gift that you give yourself. Forgiveness does not require a conversation with anyone. Forgiveness is a choice. Forgiveness is for you. Forgiveness is freedom. 

Ho'ooponopono is an effective and powerful healing tool that has been used since ancient times when villagers would seek out the village healer to convene a session that included everyone involved. This could include family members or other members of the community. Each person would state their grievance before beginning the healing ritual. As with many ancient healing techniques over time they have become more simplified. Even with its present day simplistic form, Ho'oponopono can help you clear the past and help you move forward in life. 

During this empowering 90-minute introductory workshop, you will:

    - Learn the history of Ho'oponopono and the benefits of Forgiveness.

    - Learn how to apply this powerful technique to improve your life as well as how to use it with other                    methods.

    - For additional support, connect with the energy of the Angelic realm in a powerful 30 minute                        meditation. Meet Angel Daniel, Angel Zadkiel and Archangel Raphael to assist, inspire and guide you            on your journey.

    - Receive a bonus workbook to deepen your understanding of what you learn.

                                      NOTE - Book 1:1 with an added bonus of an additional one hour session.


                                       JOIN US for 'LOVING YOURSELF AND HEALING THE PAST.'  



                                                    NEW DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED. 

                                  Can also be booked 1:1 and includes an additional one hour session.


                                                                                   COST - $199.00.


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