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 Have you been craving a fun, safe space to share what's coming up for   you around spirituality? 

 You may not be surrounded by people who are interested in things like

 Angels, intuition, or crystals, but deep down you are very curious   about the spiritual world. 


 It's totally natural to want to explore these things that feel so new with   like minded people who are also excited to grow in this area. 


 That is exactly why I've been called to facilitate ....


 WISDOM CIRCLE: a three month virtual circle to support you at this   time!


                     DATES - Saturday April 2, May 7, June 4, 2022. 


         * Raise your energy.

         * Connect with likeminded new friends on the spiritual path.

         * Receive guidance and support for what's happening in your

            life and tips to navigate your next steps.

         * Increase your spiritual awareness and intuition!

         * and more!


 NOTE: To create a safe container for everyone, we are asking for a   three month commitment. We will begin on Saturday April 2 with   additional circles on May 7 and June 4, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. PT/12:00 p.m.   ET.

 Each circle we will gather for a LIVE 75 minute Zoom call where you   will receive:


      * An Angel card message for the entire group and individual                         messages to help you get clarity  in your life. 

      * A mini lesson on intuition, Angels, or another spiritual topic to                  help you increase confidence around using your gifts.

      *Energy healing and centering so you can stay at peace no matter                what is happening in your life and best of all

      *Connection with Carolyn and fellow participants and time to ask               questions and share....

      *Unable to attend? Each session will be recorded and sent after the            session.


      *Accountability and access to the private Facebook group to engage           and share insights with Carolyn and everyone through the entire               three months.


  INVESTMENT: $75.00 for the three months which works out to $25.00      per month for the entire three months. As an added savings bonus if        you sign up by March 21 (best savings) it is only $65.00. That is a       $10.00 savings and once you have paid you will receive a BONUS           meditation - Wisdom Moments - to help you during times of change and help you calm your mind.



'Working with Carolyn was transformational. I am so grateful for all the insight I gained.' TB Montana


'Our sessions were so amazing that I did not want them to end. Carolyn is very generous and gives a lot to her clients.' Jasmine Michigan

'Carolyn helped me shift old limiting beliefs that I had held onto for years much like a security blanket. My anxiety levels are gone too.'

SW Germany

Sign up for all 3 months - $75.00. Special pricing of $65.00 until March 21, 2022. After March 21, 2022 the price will be $75.00.






Your facilitator

Carolyn is an Angel medium, Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher, an Integrated Energy Therapy™ Master Instructor, professionally certified Life, Wellness, Executive, and Grief Coach. Carolyn most recently became a Ho'oponopono Master. Carolyn holds over ten professional certifications and uses her expertise to provide clients with a unique healing experience. Carolyn has conducted meditation and virtual circles for over 25 years while working with clients. 

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