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I glanced at the calendar and it hit me like a ton of bricks.


It was a year ago to this day.


How could this be?


To me, it felt like yesterday.


To the rest of the world,  it was just an ordinary Spring Tuesday.


But to me, it marked the 1-year anniversary of my husband’s passing.


And yet another year that I had been saying to myself, “This is the year I’m going to get unstuck. This is the year I’m going to live the life of my dreams and I’m not going to let myself fall into a never ending hole.”


So many emotions rose up in me. Sadness, anger, waves of compassion. This was literally my story over 13 years ago.


When you lose someone or something important to you, time takes on a whole new meaning.


Can you relate?


But I also felt this gnawing fire in my belly-something I hadn’t tapped into in a long time: determination!


I was determined to get unstuck and start living my life again.


I was tired of letting the emotional rollercoaster of grief rule my life and hijack my happiness.


In short, I was at the end of my rope and was prepared to go all in and do whatever it took to get unstuck, even if it took me into uncharted or uncomfortable waters.


Shortly after my owns husband’s service when everyone had gone back to their lives I took downtime for myself. After discovering his body, I went into organizing mode: making all the calls. Making the arrangements. Writing out his wishes for the celebration of life ceremony he’d requested. Making certain my two children were being watched over which left little time for me. It had been a long ten years as my husband’s caregiver where one month slid into another seamlessly. Where holidays were spent in the emergency room or visiting him in the hospital. Where all of our lives changed in many ways. In the blink of an eye, I went from CEO to caregiver. We went from living in Florida to  unpacking in California. Life shifted and the one thing that I always returned to was meditation. After emailing all my friends that I was taking 30 days of silence to just be with myself, I sat down and wrote a daily note to myself. It read, “Carolyn, today you will shower, put on clean clothes and eat at least one meal. At 5:00 p.m. you will check on the kids to  see how they are doing. You will not worry about anything. You will take care of yourself and the dogs. And for the next 30 days that is what I attempted to do. 


But I knew myself all too well to know that I couldn’t do it alone. I needed support and I needed a schedule and accountability so I wouldn’t get in my own way and lose momentum again. Not this year!


Is this you?


  • Are you sitting there with a deep knowing that you’re done feeling stuck in your life?


  • Have you lost someone and know that you’re ready to move on, if only you knew how to do that?


  • Have you been procrastinating on living the life of your dreams for far too long because of feelings of hopelessness, sadness or numbness?


I have been where you are and that is exactly why I created


“Healing Grief: a heart centered approach to Grief. Eight Weeks To Reclaim Your Life and Feel Happy, Joyful and FREE!”

Starting March 25, 2018.



What I know for sure:


You are here to live a joyful life! When we choose to live our lives focused only on our thoughts we often find ourselves living in our heads. It is only when we are aware of our feelings and accept our feelings that we are living from our heart. Because it is only when we tap into our emotions and feelings that we really live our lives authentically.


And what better time to do this than Spring, a time of renewal and new beginnings?


No matter how impossible it feels right now, it’s never too late.


In this eight week group program designed to help you go from feeling stuck and lost…. to feeling unstuck and loving your life again with my proven eight step process!


So you can:


  • Get back to the activities you love doing.

  • Reconnect with the friends and family.

  • Wake up with a smile on your face and a spring in your step to face the day.

  • And most importantly, move past your grief with grace and look forward to your future.



 “OMG! I cannot wait to take her course. I've suffered for a long time and have longed to heal. Until I did the challenge I thought I'd be stuck grieving forever.” D.C. California.



How it works:


Each week starting March, I will walk you through each of the eight step processes to get unstuck and reclaim your life back.


 You will receive:

  • A weekly LIVE! Group call with me to dive deeper.

  • A weekly Heart Centered exercise to put the next step into practice

  • Weekly inspiration.

  • Ongoing accountability and support in our private online community. (It’s much easier to make lasting changes when you hear others going through the same thing and keeping you up when you want to revert to your old ways and isolate!)

  • Recordings of all live calls so you can listen over and over again.


”Carolyn has an amazing ability to help others feel better about life. She listens with not only her ears but also with her heart.'’

LC - Washington D.C.



Investment to reclaim your life back (it’s time!):


$297.00 in full (*best savings) or your first payment of $197.00 to secure your spot. Payment will be made through Paypal that will finance your placement for one month when the final payment is due.




Due to the nature of this unique and complex subject, the results will vary. There are no guarantees and no refunds.



“...Thought-provoking. I received a lot of clarity with the material!”

DH Philadelphia PA


‘The privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are.’ Joseph Campbell


Carolyn has walked the walk and learned the language of Grief. Through her own life experience and education, she brings a fresh and often overlooked perspective to the power of Grief. Carolyn has extensive training as a Professional Life, Health and Wellness and Leadership Coach as well as that of an Energy Healer. She has conducted Grief workshops for many years and has seen first hand the power of acknowledged Grief can open the door to healing. This course is designed to transform your life into living with more success. Remember even one shift in perspective is one step closer to success in your life.



Are you ready for your fresh start this Spring?


Join us here!


Everything changes when we say Yes! and make the decision to change.


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I look forward to taking this journey with you!





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