Do you seek abundance & joy?  Ready to move with the flow of life?

                                         Looking for a way to manifest what you want in life?    

                 Do you desire more? In the past, have you experienced challenges and setbacks?

                                          Connect with sacred and powerful manifestation. 


                                    THE BLESSING BOWL

Ready to hit the ground running? One of the most powerful tools available to us is a vision board. NOW for one moment just imagine a physical living vision board that you can command to bring your vision alive. Imagine it in the shape of a Blessing Bowl. Imagine using an ancient method of setting the tone in your life to manifest your true desires. Imagine a physical container that holds your hearts desires. Your goals. The yearnings of your Soul.

In this workshop you will learn how to work with energy to bring your dreams alive. You will also learn how to shift your desires to re-align with your energetic vibration. When using this powerful tool you are better able to co-create your future. You will learn the four step method to connect with your vision.

December 12, 2021 is considered to be one of the most powerful days of the year. The 12/12 doorway is a time of manifestation, movement, change, and alignment with our higher selves. Unconditional love is more accessible. By working with the energies of this special day, you can move more into the flow of life instead of against it.  

You will learn the history of the Blessing Bowl. And you will also gather the seeds that will be used to plant the harvest of your Blessings. Isn't it about time to bring your vision to life? Experience your vision beginning to unfold in a magical way.  Great gift idea if you'd like to do more than one bowl. Each bowl is attuned with Angelic energy that opens the energetic vibration between you and your Blessing Bowl. Imagine having this alignment available to you every day.  JOIN in the FUN!!!

Come with an open heart and mind. Gather a bowl and other seeds to begin setting your vision. Once you register other information will be sent to you so you can bring your vision to life!!!


        WORKSHOP DATE - December 12, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. PT/ 12:00 p.m. ET.





"My Blessing Bowl literally held the vision I wanted for my life. Shortly after using it I saw my world change" - SL

"This was the most fun I have had in a long time! Carolyn's calm and down home humor was a nice treat." - PG    



Ancient civilizations including Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, China frequently used Blessing Bowls to manifest desires and blessings while bringing renewed abundance into their lives. Owners of Blessing Bowls have experienced how the physical act of putting their desires in writing  brought shifts into their lives.

A Blessing Bowl is a physical version of a vision board. The difference is that you are stating your dreams, hopes and wishes in writing. In this process each bowl is infused with powerful Angelic Energy. You will learn how to communicate with the Angels and how to state your desires. 

During the workshop you will be led through a sacred process and will be shown how to energize your Blessing Bowl long after the workshop.   

Let’s have fun time manifesting your hopes, dreams and desires.

Have a bowl made of a natural material that is at least 6 inches in diameter and 4 to 6 inches high. Choose a bowl that is visually pleasing. 

Once registered each attendee will receive additional information.

Any questions can be sent to

Carolyn is an Energy and Angel Intuitive. Carolyn has taught clients how to use this sacred and powerful process to manifest their dreams.

JOIN in this fun event !!!!